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Petal Sensation

Blossom Senorita Body Mist Perfume for Women - 250ml


Blended in fruity and rustic fragrances, Senorita is one among the two classic perfumes from the Body Mist collection. Curated for the feminine demographic, Body Mist Senorita is a unique amalgam of fruity and earthy notes. Senorita from Body Mist collection is lauded for its enticing scent that offers a long-lasting fragrance. The top note including orange, blossom, jasmine and tuberose produces a euphoric aroma making your day pleasant and daisy. Plum, peach and rose create a splendid middle note exuding an alluring and subtle fragrance to keep you fresh and sweat-free all day long. The final and base note is something that makes Senorita one of the unique perfumes from the Body Mist collection. Infusing Vetiver and Musk with Sandalwood, Senorita produces an earthy base note creating a long-lasting impact of scent. Think of Body Mist Senorita whenever you need a burst of fruity and earthy fragrance.

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